Italian style, functional design kitchens

Zecchinon, Italian style

Italian style furniture merges elegance, simplicity and functionality. Its well defined lines adapt to modern concepts with large doses of aestheticism, without leaving aside details that help to create useful and suitable spaces.

Italian designs, a tendency that is here to stay by its purity in style. But what are the key features of this kind of design?

First of all, its aesthetic sense. Kitchens created following this style premises are essentially elegant, modern and avant-garde. They are ideal for open, wide and confortable spaces that place the kitchen at the center of the house.

Carefully chosen details are what make a unique design, not only regarding aesthetics but also functionality. Storage spaces are numerous and well-organized so that everything can be in perfect order and within reach. In this kind of kitchens, appliances can be easily integrated.

All of this is possible thanks to modular structures. They allow each design to meet the specific needs of the room and of those who will make use of the kitchen. The modules are easy to fit and, in case modifications were necessary, it is possible to carry them out.

Authentic Italian style kitchens

Authentic Italian style kitchens are characterized by their carefully chosen materials. Strength, durability and aesthetics are merged to bring to life kitchens thought to harmonize rooms.

Kitchen redesigning is a long-term decision. For this reason, Italian style kitchens are a very interesting option. This kind of design is here to stay and will not go out of style in many years. Italian style kitchens are a quality and design reference applied to one of the busiest rooms of the house.

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The kitchen, that meeting place

The kitchen, that meeting place

Unplanned meetings, talks that start in the living room and, without knowing exactly how, they end up in the kitchen, some advice given closed by the food while being cooked are very well-known and common scenes.

The kitchen has increasingly been that meeting place that gathers the best of each home. For that, we want to help you stamp your personality on it, think plenty of options and then, choose the best of them all, the one that truly represents you.

Today’s help

Why don’t you watch this video that shows wall colors and textures? Nothing to worry about! You will find the ideal furniture in TENDEZA to accompany every option.

Are you ready? We are! We love challenges!


Eager to have breakfast? Of course!

breakfast in Tendenza Cucina

A good breakfast helps us starting the day with a lot of energy. Nothing like putting your feet out of bed and going straight to your kitchen to get to work.

Today we propose a great alternative in the hands of an excellent chef. With the help of Gordon Ramsay we are sure that you will have a great day.

To make the experience in your kitchen even better, we suggest you to visit the products section of our website and discover all that TENDENZA has to offer.

Now go ahead … breakfast time!


The best keys to illuminate your kitchen.

In the kitchen we not only cook! There we meet, have dinner, and even use our laptops. In addition, more and more fans of gourmet cuisine and pastries spend many hours in the busiest space in the house.

If there is a room in your home that deserves you to sit and think about its enlightenment, that is the kitchen. This is the place with most activities of the day. Lighting then is a fundamental point.

We need a space with good light to carry out activities safely, we have to create a pleasant atmosphere and it has to be functional.

Natural and artificial light

A good conjugation of natural and artificial light achieves the best illumination. Natural light tones cause less tired eyes and they enable to improve the energetic saving. The artificial one will allow you to concentrate luminosity in the spaces that need most.

To collaborate with the entrance of natural clarity, it is necessary to avoid the use of dense curtains and vinyls on the glasses.

The lay-out of general points of light for the roof has to be perfectly planned considering the size of the kitchen and of course, the different spaces that compose it.

Three zones

In general, we can divide the room into three zones: cooking, washing and storage. However, in larger spaces will appear new areas such as living room, the bar and even the island that we use to eat.

The most advisable is to sectorize the lighting. If we can also have a switch for each light everything will be more comfortable while you save energy.

Having only one central light, generates shadow areas that can be dangerous for handling sharp elements, hot objects and appliances, as well as being uncomfortable and not very functional.

Choose low power lights. They can be somewhat more expensive but consume up to 80% less than conventional lights, have a longer life, do not add heat and they are more powerful.

If you chose one of our kitchen lines and combined it with glass, keep in mind that it is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of its capacity to reflect light, gaining in luminosity for your environment.


Technology and innovation at the service of our customers

Through our software we provide real experiences to each of our clients. We add technology.

A simple sketch, a drawing and even blueprints are the raw material we need to show you a kitchen or dressing room installed in your own home.

When we start working together we do not ask you to imagine it, we show you in real spaces what your kitchen will be like, how a room will be with the closet you chose. All the characteristics and materials that you have selected will be in plain sight.

We add innovation and technology for you.

We receive the material and create images that are produced exclusively for each client and for each project.

From small proposals to large projects have the possibility to access to this exclusive service for our customers.

We share your dreams, we make them come true.

A great idea for a healthy lunch!

Short time, many activities and the desire to take care of you? Do not worry, we give you a good idea to make of your lunch the perfect combination.

This is an excellent alternative If your days are hectic and you don´t  have much time to prepare your food to take to work.

We accompany you at every moment of the day, because we like to share your life.

Curtains for bedrooms

curtain for the bedroom

Curtains are an essential bedroom accessory. They offer the possibility of enhancing the visual relevance and even, they provide amplitude to the small rooms.

To choose the curtains that best fit the bedroom is important to think about the general decoration and style, the type of fabric and the ideal size.

In this video we bring you some ideas to start thinking about the best curtain for the bedroom.

Anne and Matt Project

Their TENDENZA Kitchen


Today we would like to present you a project that fills us with joy.

This is Anne and Matt´s kitchen. A few months ago they approached TENDENZA looking for professional advice on their new shared project. They had dreamed of this kitchen, just as they see it today.

Matt is an engineer, when we started to work on his projects, he had to travel  abroad for work, that´s why the project took a bit longer than planned but when he came back  everything started again. We went back to the ideas and we work with them deciding every detail.

This is the result, a modern kitchen specially designed to accompany Anne and Matt in this beginning, in the way of a life together.

Kitchen design - kitchen island

Vector Line | Matt and Anne Kitchen


We work with the VECTOR line, ideal for those who want to enjoy the simple moments and create shared memories.

Anne is a painter, and lover of luminosity, and since the space dedicated to the kitchen does not have large windows, we proposed to use Top Cabinets with white glass. A wise decision, the combination allowed us to offer them a lot of clarity and a sense of unique spaciousness.


Kitchen Design

” We proposed them top Cabinets with white glass”


The two of them work many hours a day,  time for them is fundamental. We wanted to allow them to make the most of the moments they share. We suggested a kitchen lay out that was going to increase the practicality, and the work spaces, so they will be able to cook together and ending the day relaxed in a space that combines style with practical design.

We are happy to be part of this story. Of having helped them from the beginning to have their ideal TENDENZA project. A kitchen specially thought for them, for Anne and Matt.



A simple and functional style


SUPREME kitchen Kitchen line | by Tendenza Cucina


SUPREME is a line designed for those who enjoy simple and defined lines that dress spaces. A proposal that seeks that getting home after a long day, feels great.

TENDENZA CUCINA, through its line SUPREME, provides great versatility for those who require useful storage spaces, allowing at the same time, the  preservation of  the space simplicity. Cabinets are there, forming part of a whole but almost imperceptible in their own parts. Its features include rugged furniture and high-quality materials that provide safety and a long service life. Cabinets, shelves and cupboards are made of 0,70 in. melamine, so that the use, temperatures and even humidity of the environment are not a problem for a SUPREME kitchen.

Details that go unnoticed make the difference. The oven-rack furnishing is made of vegetable fiber to insulate the heat and a 0,60 in. air gap between the rear of the furniture and the wall prevents moisture from entering the module. A key point is that the door openings and closings are soft and imperceptible, that´s why cabinets have pneumatic pythons; furthermore all doors have triple adjustment hinges that allow a smooth and noiseless braking.

SUPREME kitchen is a place that invites to gather. Ideal for those who do not focus on the dimensions of space, but on the minimalist style of it. A suitable line for intense ways of living that enjoy the moments to relax and sharing. This line has became an ally capable of  adapting  to the needs of both large and small spaces. SUPREME has a special feature, the possibility of adjusting the height of the cabinets as well as the shelves, making everything being there, within easy reach.

This Kitchen line is perfectly adaptable to the taste of each user. It is available in 16 colors, from intense or dark ones to light and wood colors. Beside this, It can be combined with glass, also in various shades, which gives modernism, light and brightness to space. When daily life is hectic, our house is the place where we find the quietness of the end of the day. It is also the place which opens the doors to meetings, shared meals and enjoyable talks. We set out to create a line that accompanies those moments, generating through its very modern design, the appropriate atmosphere for that. This is how SUPREME was conceived, responding to many needs through the simplicity and elegance of its style


3 Keys To Choose Your Ideal Closet

Choosing an ideal closet or dressing room is a task that requires planning. Thinking about  your lifestyle needs and habits can be helpful. It is important to know that a closet  is not just a storage unit. It has definitely integrated into the ambiance as a decorating object and marks the rhythm of the room style.

Types of Doors

This is an important aspect when choosing the best closet. The doors can be sliding or folding. The latter require an important space to be entirely opened, and furthermore, they usually limit us in designing as they tend to be more traditional or neutral.

For its part, the sliding doors do not pose an obstacle for circulation. Due to the sliding from one side to the other it is easier to access to the 100% of the storage space.

TENDENZA´s lines of closet and dressing rooms offer sliding opening doors, which provide functionality and great design. In addition, all the lines count with a soft-closing system, achieving smooth and completely silent closure.

Ideal closet design - Italian closet Design - Dressing Room Design

Tendenza Closet by Reno Line | Premium


As we said before, the closets and dressing rooms are true style´s sources in the room. That’s why the fronts take on a special relevance.

Natural light into the room, dimension, artificial lighting type and even the color of the walls are aspects that may be useful to select the best front.

For those cases where enhancing the spaciousness sensation is needed, TENDENZA offer closet lines with divided front, allowing melamine to be combined with glass or mirrors. Glass-skin or mirror fronts are ideal options to increase the luminosity of the room or give some touches of brightness.

Ideal Closet Interior

The interior is, par excellence, the aspect that should respond to your taste and needs. The amount of clothes, the type of clothing, as well as footwear and handbags are some of the issues to be considered.

It is important to know if our clothes need to be hung and their length, or if we have many shirts and pants that do not require high but wide spaces, so that these are comfortable and accessible.

What is ideal is modular systems. This kind of system makes possible to assemble the layout of the closet or dressing rooms according to specific needs. TENDENZA uses this type of construction, which added to the high precision achieved through its manufacturing process, offers as many alternatives as needs arise.

Storing the shoes is usually a complex point. Through its line RENOLIFE, TENDENZA has designed a drawer’s chest which has a sheet of wood inside, which together with the rear generate internal supports, doubling the storage space. A functional proposal that optimizes the space and does not ruin the footwear.

An important detail is the color of the interiors. TENDENZA offers different possibilities that can be combined according to the selected fronts. Choosing light colors interiors helps to visualize garments more easily, generating contrast and highlighting its colors. The ideal closet is the one that best fits the tastes and needs of each one. Being able to identify them will help you to make this choice easier. We invite you to know more about our closets and dressers lines by clicking here.